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PT Pos Logistik Indonesia, a subsidiary of state-owned postal company PT Pos Indonesia, is developing a program to help the country’s micro, small, and medium enterprises penetrate global markets.
The state-owned company is working with two local business partners to develop the National Export (NEX), B2B and B2C E-Commerce Project Development Program for MSMEs. They are — PT. Revealium Barakah Hub and Indonesia Eurasia International Council.

PT Pos Logistik Indonesia will support the development of the NEX Program by facilitating the overseas delivery of MSME products, with a shipping capacity of under 100 kg, the company’s president director, Yuzon Erman, said in a statement received here on Thursday.

The NEX Program could bolster the government’s efforts to recover Indonesia’s economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic as it will help MSMEs to survive and compete in the global market through the application of technology, he explained.

Meanwhile, PT Revealium Barakah Hub president director Devi Erna Rachmawati said the program is aimed at preparing Indonesia’s MSMEs for gaining access to and competing in the global market through the application of digital technology.

“This application is expected to encourage MSMEs. There are many Indonesian entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs who are developing creative quality products that can compete in the global market,” she noted.


President of the Indonesia Eurasia International Council Ruslan Israpil said digital technology has been developing rapidly, and has assisted people’s economy through online trading platforms.

“With just one hand, through the online buying and selling applications on smartphones, we can buy the things we want without having to leave the house. The existence of e-commerce can encourage the creation of a cashless society,” he pointed out.

An increase in the number of online shops has had a positive impact on the volume of e-commerce transactions in Indonesia. In 2018, the country recorded 8.7 million online shoppers and a total transaction value of US$ 4.89 billion.

“The NEX (National Export) E-Commerce program is one of the opportunities for our MSMEs to be competitive in the global market,” Israpil said.
Indonesia has about 62.9 million MSMEs engaged in sectors such as trading, agriculture, livestock, forestry, fisheries, mining, processing, construction, communications, hotels, restaurants, and services.

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