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NEXPort-SME News Magazine

where we provide you with all of the latest news, announcements, and features about some of the best up-and-coming enterprises around the Indonesia.

NEXPort SME News is a quarterly digital publication aimed at those who own, run or assist in the running of small and medium-sized businesses within the Indonesia.  SME News, by way of its digital magazine, website and social media outlets, provides a valuable tool to SMEs and their leaders for running their business day to day, seeking the best advice and for growing and succeeding in their endeavours.

NEXPort-SME News is here to support these businesses with useful insights, general small business news, advice to entrepreneurs and start-ups and by providing a reliable platform from which to gain vital support.

NEXPort- SME News is brought to you by NEXPort Media.  SME News also runs a number of yearly awards programmes including our flagship programme National-NEXPort Enterprise Awards.  


Every years we offer a new issue of SME News which is published on our website, shared to our social media following and circulated to in excess of SMEs Enterpreneure from various sectors across the Indonesia SME marketplace


The NEXPort-SME Awards brought to you by SME News celebrate the success stories of one of the most important sectors in the Indonesia economy.

SMEs may be overlooked by mainstream business awards for recognition despite their often innovative and creative achievements and their power to truly disrupt their industry. SME News understand the significance of this sector of businesses and each year host SME awards aimed at specific regions or industries looking to showcase some of the key players for doing great things. Whether it be using technology and data in new ways, offering something radically new by way of a product or service or for great services provided to SMEs, SME News wants to hear about such endeavours. Nominations for all businesses are welcomed, we will then assess all nominees looking for those most deserving for their efforts within the last 12 months.

We also have programmes targeted at specific regions with a buoyant SME community and specific industries where SMEs are particularly active, not to mention the support services communities offering great services to SMEs.

Both being put forward for an award and winning an award can be great for business. Both nominees and winners can gain some great marketing and promotion for their achievements, it can be great for boosting employee morale and for those who do go on to win businesses can use such a win as a way of attracting great talent. Winning such an accolade offers great credibility for the business often linked with an increase in customer trust and loyalty and in turn improved financial performance.

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